The Reef Unit Mix, the developer is offering home buyers a good selection of layouts to meet their individual needs.  There are 3 major types of configuration in The Reef, ranging from 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom layouts.  And within each of these categories, there are different options available so that homebuyers can select the layout that best meets their needs.  With the close proximity to the Central Business District, the southern waterfront, and Sentosa, The Reef Price is very appealing to potential investors who are looking for good rental income.  In addition, this development offers an unmatched living experience for homebuyers who desire to live near the sea and have close proximity to the city.

The Reef Unit Mix

Limited 1-Bedroom Units

For investors who desire to maximize their investment, the 1-bedroom units are of lower quantum and have a high potential to provide an attractive rental yield.  Based on The Reef Unit Mix, there are limited 114 units of the 1-bedroom layout and 2 units of 1-bedroom with study configuration.  This makes up approximately 27% of the total units at The Reef.  

The floor area for the 1-bedroom units ranges from 484 to 592 square feet while the 1-bedroom with study has an estimated floor area of 657 square feet.  Both layouts offer spacious and comfortable living space for a single resident, a couple, or even a couple with a young child.

Another factor to highlight, there is a limited supply of 1-bedroom units in the Keppel Bay area.  Compared to the 116 units of 1-bedroom layout in The Reef Unit Mix, there are only 6 units of 1-bedroom layout in Reflections at Keppel Bay and 46 units in Corals at Keppel Bay.  As such, we can expect the 1-bedroom units at The Reef Floor Plan to be highly sought after by investors who are planning to purchase a lower quantum unit to generate rental income.  

Unlike older properties that may require renovation or repair, investing in a brand new 1-bedroom unit can translate to savings in time and money and the unit can be rented out once the keys are collected.  Being located close to the financial district, Central Business District, and the business parks in One North, Science Park, and even the Jurong Lake District

The Reef Site Plan has easy access to a large tenant pool from these workplaces and this will increase its rentability.  As such with The Reef Unit Mix, it presents a very appealing option to potential investors. 

Besides investors, these 1-bedroom units are also very suitable for small families or a couple.  In the past, the younger generation would not think about investing in assets until they are getting married.  However, in recent years, there is a growing percentage of young people choosing to buy private property as a form of investment.  

In fact, many couples would favor starting out with an HDB home but with growing income and family support, many younger people are in a better position to venture into the private property earlier.  In addition, many are well exposed to knowledge in investment and building wealth thus we can see an increased number of younger buyers for private property.  

With the trend of having smaller families, the developer has also dedicated a higher proportion of 2-bedroom units in The Reef Unit Mix.  The 2-bedroom layouts, which makes up 54% of the total units are most suitable for young couples who are starting a family or older couples who are looking for a smaller home for their retirement years.  It is an ideal choice especially for young couples who are looking for their first private property at an affordable quantum.  In aggregate, the 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom layouts make up more than 80% of The Reef Unit Mix.

Besides the 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom layouts, the 3-bedroom layout makes up approximately 18% of The Reef Unit Mix.   There are 3 major categories of layouts for 3-bedroom units namely 3-bedroom with study, 3-bedroom premium, and 3-bedroom villa and all of them are excellent choices for larger families.   These units offer ample space and options so that the entire family can enjoy the comfort of living in a spacious home. 

The 3-bedroom with a study which makes up close to 6% of The Reef Unit Mix is a good choice for families who needs an additional space that can be used for study, a storage area, or even a play area for children.  Occupying a floor area of 1076 square feet, the study area includes partitioned walls so you can enclose it for greater privacy.  

Furthermore, this layout also offers an enclosed kitchen which is useful to those who need to do heavy cooking.  As the key attraction of The Reef Location is the surrounding environment, this layout includes 2 good-sized balconies in the living room and the master bedroom where residents can sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views in the comforts of their own home. 

Besides the option of a study area, residents who need an extra room for storage or a live-in helper can opt for the 3-bedroom premium layout which makes up about 11% of The Reef Unit Mix.  The premium layout comes with 2 options.  The first layout includes a universal room with 2 entrances which can be converted into a storage room, a study room, a playroom, and a helper’s room.  

This option has a floor area of 1,216 square feet and provides an additional washroom in the kitchen area.  For those who enjoy al fresco dining or relaxing outdoors, there are 2 balconies, one in the living room and the second one is in the master bedroom, to give residents ample space to enjoy the seafront and the surrounding nature parks. 

The second layout for the 3-bedroom premium has a larger floor area of 1249 square feet and it comes with a larger balcony that stretches over the living room to the common bedroom and the master bedroom.  This layout also provides a large utility area in the kitchen which can serve as a multipurpose area for storage or a helper’s bedroom.  

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