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If you want to enjoy what it is like to live at The Reef at King’s Dock, a visit to the showflat will let you experience first hand the unit configuration, the quality of the finishing, and also the environment.  There are a total of 3 layouts on display, one for each bedroom type. 

The layouts for The Reef Showflat is well optimized in terms of space usage and careful attention has been taken to ensure there are no odd corners or dead space.  The objective of the design team is to provide regular squarish spaces that are both practical and functional.  As a result, the design of the layout shows well-balanced space distribution between the various functions, maximizing comfort for its residents.  Feel the difference today by visiting the showflat. Call us at 6100-1717 to book an appointment.

The Reef Showflat One Bedroom Show Unit

With the help of leading interior designers, the various layouts at The Reef Showflat are dressed up to provide ideas to potential home seekers who are looking for inspiration on how to maximize the usage of space in the unit and also improve the ambiance of their residence.  You will be delighted to know that there are many innovative ideas to personalize and create a living environment that is ideal for you and your loved ones.

One Bedroom Showflat

There are 2 main types of 1-bedroom layout namely with or without study area.  The 1-bedroom layout on display at The Reef Showflat does not have a study and it has a floor area of approximately 538 square feet.  Per the specifications of the showflat, the unit is equipped with a smart video doorbell and a shoe cabinet in laminate finishing at the entrance.

Upon entry into the unit, there will be an open kitchen that is furnished with built-in kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertop, and essential appliances such as an electric cooker hood, induction hob, built-in oven, refrigerator, and a washer cum dryer.  The unit comes with marble flooring that covers the living, dining, kitchen, foyer, and master bedroom.  The living room opens up to a cozy balcony that gives you a beautiful view of the scenic King’s Dock and its surroundings.

The master bedroom at The Reef Showflat is a spacious ensuite and it features a full-length floor to ceiling height glass window that provides a good view of the surroundings and also ample natural lighting.  In addition, the bedroom is equipped with a floor-to-ceiling height wardrobe and a wall-mounted airconditioning unit.  The master bathroom is fully equipped with built-in cabinets, mirrors, shelves, bathroom fittings, including a rain shower.

The 1-bedroom layout at The Reef Showflat is most suitable for a single resident or a couple.  For additional space, the 1-bedroom with study offers a separate study room and the total floor area for the unit is about 657 square feet.  This can also be a good consideration for a family with a young child. 

Two-Bedroom Showflat

There are 4 main groups of 2-bedroom configurations in the development namely regular 2-bedroom, 2-bedroom premium, 2-bedroom with study, and 2-bedroom villa with an estimated floor area of 980 square feet. 

The Reef Showflat features the regular 2-bedroom layout with an estimated floor area of 764 square feet.  Similar to the 1-bedroom showflat, the entrance to the 2-bedroom show suite features a smart video doorbell and a shoe cabinet in laminate finishing at the entrance.  Upon entering the unit, you will walk through the spacious foyer and be greeted by an open kitchen on the right.  This kitchen is well equipped with built-in cabinets and essential appliances so that it is ready for moving-in without having to spend additional time and resources on an extensive renovation.

The 2-bedroom unit at The Reef Showflat features natural marble flooring that covers the kitchen, living, and dining area which gives a luxurious look and feel to the unit. 

The spacious living and dining area opens up to a beautiful cozy balcony that does not have any dividing walls and provides a maximum unhindered view of the environment.  The balcony also features unique metal mesh curtains hanging from the ceiling of the balcony that allows residents to adjust the amount of sunlight streaming into the home.  The metal mesh curtains also reflect light which gives the shimmering effect like the water in the sea when sunlight falls upon it. 

The 2-bedroom layout at The Reef Showflat features a special balcony design that includes 2 balconies, one in the living room and another in the master bedroom.  The shape of the balconies allows residents to access a wider angle view of the surroundings. 

Three Bedroom Showflat

There are 3 broad categories of 3-bedroom layouts in the development namely 3-bedroom with study, 3-bedroom premium, and 3-bedroom villa which is the largest configuration with an estimated floor area of 1345 square feet. 

The Reef Showflat features a spacious 3-bedroom premium layout with an estimated floor area of 1216 square feet.  Upon entry to the unit, you will be welcomed by a spacious foyer with a wide passageway leading to the living and dining area.  Before you reach the living area, you will see an enclosed kitchen on the left.  The kitchen is semi-open and features an opening that allows you to look into the living and dining room from the kitchen.   The showflat also showcases how residents can build a countertop at this opening and convert it to a casual dining area.

One of the key features of the 3-bedroom premium layout is the availability of a universal room that features two entrances.  This room is a multi-purpose room that can be converted into a study room, a storeroom, or a helper’s room.  Another feature is that the common bedroom closest to the dining room can be converted into a junior ensuite as the common bathroom has 2 entrances. 

The 3-bedroom premium at The Reef Showflat is a great option for large families with children.  For families who desire an even larger living space, a 3-bedroom villa is a good option offering an extended living and dining area and a balcony that stretches over 3 bedrooms, allowing every bedroom to have access to the scenic view of the surroundings.

Interior Designer: Index Designer Pte Ltd

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